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The Female Health Company owns certain rights to the FC2 Female Condom (FC2).  FC2 is a revolutionary, female-controlled option offering women dual protection against sexually transmitted infections (STI’s), including HIV/AIDS, and unintended pregnancy.  FHCO currently has the only female condom which is both approved by the FDA and cleared for purchase by WHO.  For sexually active couples, male and female condoms are the only means of preventing sexual transmission of HIV/AIDS.  More than 50% of adult HIV/AIDS cases are female, 80% of which are contracted via hetrosexual sex.  HIV/AIDS is the number one cause of death globally for women 15-44 years old.  FHCO’s main market is currently the public health sector, and has shipped FC2 to more than 144 countries world-wide for use in prevention and family planning programs.  The Company’s customer base consists primarily of a small number of customers who purchase large quantities.  Due to the receipt and timing of large orders, the Company experiences some quarter to quarter fluctuation in unit sales.