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About FC2

FC2, our second generation female condom, was developed to replace FC1 with a lower cost product that would provide the same safety and efficacy during use. Certain other studies have shown that having the FC female condoms available as an option, results in an increase in protected sex acts and a decrease in STIs, including HIV/AIDS.  FC2 has high acceptability among both men and women in many countries.

FC2’s design and usage is the same as that of FC1.  FC2’s sheath is made from a nitrile polymer, which is soft, smooth and quickly warms to body temperature.  The new material results in a less expensive manufacturing process and a more affordable product. FC2 has an inner ring that aids insertion and helps to secure the device in place during intercourse and a softer outer ring that remains outside the woman’s body, giving her extra protection. FC2 is inserted prior to sexual intercourse to provide protection against HIV/AIDS, other STIs and unintended pregnancies.

More information can be found at

Global Program

SUPPORT is a team of health professionals that is specialized in FC2 Female Condom programming and training. SUPPORT assists organizations and professionals who want to increase the use of the FC2 Female Condoms. The highly experienced international team members have trained thousands of professionals on the promotion of FC2 use.

Our goal is to support the work required for successful implementation of FC2 programs. We draw on over 20 years of international experience. Our hope is that women and their partners have access to the FC2 Female Condom when they need it, together with the knowledge of how to use FC2 correctly. SUPPORT is a division of The Female Health Company (FHC).

More information about SUPPORT’s activities, including downloadable training, education and information materials can be found on our multilingual website:

U.S. Program

The US programming team is committed to providing training and education to health care providers and consumers.

 In late 2011, the FC2 Online Training Program was successfully launched with the goal to reach more and educate more health care professionals across the United States.

The FC2 Online Training provides instruction on how to effectively use and communicate the use of the FC2 Female Condom. More information about US education, including research, college programming and city launch activities can be found at